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What information do I need to get after an accident?

Being in an accident can rattle the most 'calm under pressure' type of person. You're brain starts thinking about many things simultaneously, adrenalin starts to run high, and your heart thumps wildly. In this altered state it's difficult to remember all in the information you need to try and collect from the other drivers, passengers, and witnesses, as well as all the details about the vehicles involved.

It's important to collect as much relevant information as possible so that your insurance company can process your claim efficiently, including assessing fault, determining which coverages will apply, authorizing a car rental, and if/when your deductible can be waived.

In addition to being a form to record information about the people and vehicles involved in the accident, our checklist also contains:

- Collision Reporting Centre locations, phone numbers, and hours of operation

- Examples of situations when you need to call 911, or non-emergency police phone #s

- A place to draw a diagram of the accident

- What you need to know about your rights

- Tips on how to avoid being taken advantage of

So, be prepared: DOWNLOAD this FREE Accident Checklist and keep it in your glove compartment with your insurance and vehicle registration documents. We hope you never have to use it!

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