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"... As mentioned, I damaged my car while parking it in my condo underground. I was distracted for about 10 seconds -- only to be awakened out of my daydreaming by that sickening crunch of metal. I got out of my car and just wept. Even through my inexperienced eyes, I knew the damage to the back passenger side was extensive. I went out looking for quotes which ranged from the ridiculous (do I need to take out a second mortgage) to suspiciously too low. And then a good friend of mine in the car business recommended a company he's used for over 20 years. "Nothing fancy, very humble little shop," I was told, but "service super-professional and prices excellent."


I showed up at MP Auto Body Refinish and Collision Experts in the Junction and spoke with owner Craig McCulloch -- who did not know me from Adam. Friendly smile and he looked me straight in the eyes when he talked about the car. Looked at the damage, gave me a written quote, arranged for a rental car -- and had the work done in two days. Price he had quoted (which was far lower than I assumed I would have to pay) was the price I paid. My car sparkled. I swear it was smiling. I asked McCulloch how long he's been doing this and he said "since I was about 12 years old--in fact, I left high school when I was 16 to work on auto repair." Now in his early 50s, this man truly is an autobody artist."

Rita Demontis, Columnist

 January 28, 2015 - Toronto Sun                     (click here for complete article)




I felt inspired to come on here to write a review because I was blown away with the level of service.  I feel like service isn't something pay attention to these days but this place really hit it out of the park. The car was serviced in the price of the estimate which was quick and painless to get when the car was damaged.  I dropped off the car and had it back the very next day (bad scratches on bumper with a tricky paint color) which was ahead of schedule.  The job was very well done on the paint job, couldn't have asked for anything better at a good price.  High value for what you pay and wouldn't risk my car at another body shop.  Hopefully I don't have to use the body shop that often but if / when I do, I know the first place I'll call.  Thanks to everyone for a job well done.

        John D.

        July 28, 2015 - Yelp



"I just had an excellent first experience with these guys & will definitely be returning in the future for any inevitable repairs that will come along as a result of driving in this city. I had a really ugly dent/scrape and a whole bunch of little chips/scratches that I needed to get fixed so I got a few quotes & decided to go with MP not only because they gave me the best price but because Craig (the owner I think) actually took the time to explain what he planned to do & why. I didn't feel like I was being sold extra work I didn't really need (which was definitely the vibe I got from the other places I went) I just picked up my car & it looks awesome! Seriously, like none of the damage was ever there. Plus they got my car back to me a day early :)"

Carly W.

4/20/2014 - Yelp




"I just picked up my car & it looks awesome! Seriously, like none of the damage was ever there. Plus they got my car back to me a day early :) All & all a great experience & I would definitely recommend seeing these guys."


 April 20, 2014 – CAN PAGES





"I was very happy to find someone in the neighbourhood to fix our car. We had badly scraped the driver's side door of our 2010 Honda Odyssey. Craig was able to locate another door and did a great job matching everything. He stayed true to his estimate - both in dollar amount and time spent. I would highly recommend him!"

 Jeanne Profenna

in the last week - Google




"Great work, reasonable cost. Lease-end repair and no issues."

Geoff Langdon

8 months ago - Google





"I recently had some bodywork done on my Altima. Another shop told me it would take up to 10 days because the type of paint finish needed 3 coats. Craig did it in 2 days and it looks like new. And, it cost less than the other quote. I highly recommend MP."


August 2, 2014 – CAN PAGES




"Really happy with the value and service these guys provided. I was skeptical at first, given the dirty and not well-kept office, but the service was top notch. They gave me a reasonable quote (less than half what I'd received from the nearby Nissan dealership), a ride home after dropping off my car and then did a great job and finished earlier than they'd estimated and with no additional fees or charges. My bumper looks as good as new!"

      Elissa Liu

      3 years ago - Google





"A very good repair at a very reasonable price. I definitely recommend this place."

       A Google User

       3 years ago - Yelp




"The left side of my bumper was damaged and I received a quote from the nearby Nissan dealership for $1200 to fix it (they claimed it could not be fixed and needed to be fully replaced).  I then got a quote from M P Auto Body for less than half the price and I just picked up my car and I'm really pleased with the results - it looks as good as new!  Even though the office is pretty dirty and not well-kept, the service was great - a high-quality job for a great price, completed on time.   I was very pleasantly surprised."

       Elissa L.

       6/7/2011 - Yelp




"All & all a great experience & I would definitely recommend seeing these guys.

Great deal and service. I highly recommend MP auto. I had a nasty dent with chipped paint, directly on the seam between my panel and bumper, along with a deep crack in my fiberglass body kit. It was repaired perfectly in less than 24 hours for way less than any of my other quotes. Craig was really personable and helpful. Five Stars!!"

       Aaron M.





"I have been dealing with Craig for many years, he has worked on several of my vehicles and they have all looked like new every time. I would strongly recommend him."


       July 15, 2014- CAN PAGES



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